Why do manufacturers of herbal medicines labeled NO APPROVED THERAPUTIC CLAIM continuously claim that their products can cure diseases, including cancer?

Name an ailment and this industry surely has a cure. An aging actor, about eighty years old, attributed his supposedly ‘active long life’ to the product he endorses. It is interesting to note that this product is only a year or so in the market. Is the cure-all product which take the form of an M-16 rifle firing deadly diseases including cancer priced so high enough that the late Francis Magalona can not afford?

On Tita Cory’s colon cancer, did one of them come forward to offer cure with their products? No one! That was the appropriate time to prove that their products are effective.

In their TV ads that run from ten to twenty seconds (some even longer), the government-required NO APPROVED THEREAPEUTIC CLAIM tag can be seen at the end of it barely a second. It is just like a flash of a lightning. We must remember that television now reaches even to remote places and that not all who lived in those places understand English. Some of their ads were in the vernacular particular to those places and endorsed by popular personalities and yet when that barely a second flashes, it shows in English. Are we sure that all those who suffer from certain diseases and get carried away by the ads understand NO APPROVED THEREAPEUTIC CLAIM? Why not show it in vernacular spoken in that particular locality? There ought to be a law governing this.

Some of herbal medicines labeled ‘NO APPROVED THEREAPEUTIC CLAIM’ seen on TVs:

1. Arthricin- for arthritis

2. Arthro- for arthritis

3. Kidneycare- for kidney

4. Pau de Arco- cure-all tea

5. Hav it All- for cell regeneration

6. Eyeberry- for the eyes

7. My Marvel Taheebo- cure-all tea and capsule

8. MX3- cure-all capsule and tea

9. 4G- anti-oxidant

10.Heartvit- for the heart

11.Optein- for the eyes

12.Memo PLUS GOLD- for good memory

13.Inner-G- an aphrodisiac

14.Liver-Aide- for liver

15.Bioclear- for the skin

16.Fitrum- for slimming

17.Circulan- for blood circulation

18.Eyeberry- for the eyes

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