witness a classic example of how and why a friendship blossomed in
just less than a month. below are their unedited exchange of ideas.

Hi! I’m Rod (Manoy Doro later) from the Philippines. Surely you missed our country, don’t you? In my small way,I can bring a bit of Her to you through this: http://doroastig.blogs.friendster.com/my_blog/. Sana’y mababawasan ng kahit konti man lang ang inyong pangungulila sa pamamagitan nito. Maaari din po kayong mag-iwan ng komento. Maraming salamat at MABUHAY!

>eng: mar22/’08 mar22/08 5:48pm
hi rod,
nice of you to send a note,salamat…
we see to it that we go home at least every other year.i want my only child to her roots.GOD’S willing,we want to spend our retirement years back home.
Congratulation,you must be one proud grandpa.

thank you! nothing compares the happiness i felt and still feeling in knowing that i am now a lolo. time will come you will feel this way, too. GOD bless! MABUHAY!

>eng: mar22/’08 10:48pm
hi rod,
thanks for writing back,katatapos ko lang basahin yung blog mo,impressive.well, actually, intimidating to a certain point.happy easter nga pala sa iyo at sa buong pamilya mo…..
p.s. i send an invite to add you to my list of friends.hope you’ll accept.

hello, Eng, kabayan! nais ko lang ipaalam na hindi ako nag-e-entertain ng comments. baka maitanong mo, bakit ang sa akin ay nandiriyan? maganda kasi! nag-match sa b/g ko. kung may nais kang iparating, send me message na lang.
syanga pala…ganda ng “FREEDOM” mo… “It breaks the shackle of injustice that impedes our growth and stuns our enthusiasm for life.” kuhang-kuha mo! congrats! MABUHAY!

>eng: mar23/08 5:25PM
hi rod,
sorry about the comment.mahilig kasi ako sa mga quotable quotes ga.you seem to be the kind of person who appreciates life and whatever it brings you.pinaghirapan ko pang piliin para umakma sa profile mo. liked the desiderata and the og mandino.
thanks sa comment sa gawa ko,hobby lang.i will appreciate it kung me mali sa grammar and whatever by letting me know.i accede to your wisdom.

> totoo, ganda ng pagkakapili mo at nag match pa sa b/g ko! mananatili yun doon, promise. umiiwas lang kasi akongmagiging personal ang mga comments, of course, maliban ang katulad ng sa inyo. sana’y mauunawaan mo. hangang-hanga ako doon sa ” FREEDOM ” mo.tinamaan mo mo. sapul! para kang baby boomer samantalang bata ka pa naman. kung nadoon ka nung kapanahonan ko, sigurado magkakasama tayo. iisa ang damadamin at layunin. congrats !

>eng: mar23/08 6:04pm
recently, it came to my attention about the Bb. Pilipinas Pageant and i have to say i had a few spat in you tube with regards to that infamous Q and A portion. some of the comments are uncalled for, character assassination to say the least.di ko napigil ang sarili ko na di mag comment. i came to a depressing conclusion that one does not have to go abroad para maranasan mo first hand what bigotry is.it flourish in abundance at home.
wala lang gusto ko lang ilabas ang ngit ngit ko.pasensya na!!

>eng: mar23/08 7:46pm
edsa 1 inspired me to pen that one.i was there the last two days of that peaceful revolution.i have to say, makes me proud to be a Filipino.
siguro nga kung nandoon ako nung kapanahunan mo, malamang sa kulungan tayo nag meet at di sa friendster.
it makes me sad though,sa nangyayari sa pinas.corruption has become an acceptable part(i will be delighted to be proven wrong on this one)of our once proud nation.di na nga ako nagbabasa ng news about pinas e..nalulungkot lang ako.
we could have been one of the greatest nation in asia,if only…..
thanks for mentioning na bata pa naman ako..you just make my day,ha!ha!ha!

>eng: 03/24/2008 10:13 pm
thank you.coming from you,i considered it an honor.
i have searched and waited far and long for someone whom i can emulate,someone i can look up to,who shares maybe the same passion as i do.i guess,the waiting is over..i found you(or you found me).
there are few people that leaves an indelible mark in my life. not so because i knew them for ages rather they stirred within me a special kind of feeling;with you, it’s a feeling of coziness and familiarity…WARMTH.you remind me of home!!!
sorry for the outburst,can’t helped it.
sabi nga..one of the chief event of life is when you meet a mind that startles us..you did that and more,you rocked me to my very core

>eng wrote: (on her latest blog entry)mar25/’08 3:00AM
i have you to thank for that!!!!

>rod wrote:
you have written another valuable piece! keep it up!

>eng wrote: apr07/’08 6:42am

i’m on my dry spell at the moment.
trying to find inspiration on everyday life but it seems elusive.
it wont be long,though,when an idea strikes there’s no stopping me.

> rod wrote: i just posted a comment to your prof. there are 3 of them with the same contents. you may delete the second and the third ones. mali kasi ung HTML ko sa kanila. maraming salamat.

>eng wrote: apr07/’08/6:50am
thanks again!!!
it is an insightful piece of work,isn’t it???
i wanted one on my profile the moment i saw it on your’s.kaya lang wala naman akong originality pag kinopya ko,ha!ha!ha!

> rod wrote:
hi, my friend. how are you. madyo may katagalan na,ah. are you busy? just disregsrd this if you are.

> eng wrote: apr13/’08/7:08am
hi rod, yes, its been a while.
there was a time na pag log in ko, try to see agad kung me message ka, kala mo ba!!!
it is quite amazing to grow sort of fond with someone i just met and on top of it i’m beginning to know more of you thru your profile (good looking son, huh!!! and i bet as smart as his dad).well, i think you knew by now the answer to that…
the news about philippines is extremely alarming,prices of basic commmodity is soaring skyhigh.poor juan dela cruz,getting poorer by the day.my hubby and i were just talking about impending chaos that might happen(GOD FORBIDS).poverty is a great catalyst of anarchy and i hope that we,with our sunny disposition in life and enduring characteristic can see through this time of difficulty.

>rod wrote:
he is! thanks. if that chaos happens, it will. what matters is how we look at it. by now, mellowed by years, i’m in a perspective a little different from where i’ve been in my younger years. before, it was in the hills. now i want it in the plains.

> eng wrote: apr13/’08/3:31pm
in the hill before, in the streets now..different time and different persona yet we still fight the same war,the same daemon..why can’t we shake it off.????

>rod wrote:
what war? an armed one? shake it off? NO, for me i don’t! he he he ! what a poet you are! is not for a poet a word has many meanings? the war i wont shake off is the war against poverty, against corruption. we share the same opinions about it, don’t we? you poets…(am i one?) he he he!

>eng wrote: apr13/’08/9:31pm
well, they say birds of the same feather flocks together..ha!ha!ha!wish i have half of your wisdom.
you know what? if i hold in my hand the power to change the course of time,of event, i will as a first order of business eradicate poverty in the face of the earth.i will push forward education..as knowledge by itself is power.
corruption….if only we can make a stand against this hideous crime.if only an example can be set to put a stop to it even if it means hanging them in bagumbayan..so be it!!this monstrous wrong doing can not be set right by gentle handling,sometimes you need to apply an iron hand.i’m harsh i know…i call it TOUGH LOVE..

rod wrote: (on eng’s latest blog entry)>
ang lalim naman ng latest entry. gawin mong mas mababaw para maaabot ng madlang people na tulad ko! he he he… once again you showed your latent talent!

>eng wrote: apr15/’08/4:28pm
thanks rod!!!!ikaw pa????someone of your caliber should be writing a book..inspirational ba!!!have you thought about it????
uuwi ako ng pinas para maka-attend ng book signing mo..i will be the first one in queue.

>Manoy Doro wrote:
hi! my friend, as you may have noticed, i’ve changed my name to manoy doro which means kuya doro in tagalog. this to put some weight on it, para medyo igagalang.
tungkol naman sa sinabi mong gumawa ng book, whew, ambigat naman. inspirational? nandyan na sina mandino. si gibran. si peale. si carnegie. at marami pa. magkakagulo lang ang mundo pag sumali pa ako. isa pa, wala naman akong “k”. kaya kung sakasakali mang gagawa ako na alam kon malayong mangyari, it will take me years to finish. hanggang dito na lang ako, pasulatsulat lang ng kahit anong mararamdaman basta ba totoo lang. period. ikaw pa, may malaking potential. bata pa. may naaabot. may resources. kaya, kung ako sa ‘yo gagawa ako ng di lang iisa kundi marami.

>eng wrote: 04/17/2008 12:06 am
manoy doro (got to get used to calling you that)…
my full name is rowena concepcion quinto. i was called eng longer than i can remember.strange name,i’ve been ridiculed in the past having such palayaw but i sort of grown into it… catchy eh at saka i want to prove to people there’s more in me than just a ridiculous pet name…
hobby ko lang ang sumulat ng kung ano-ano lang…therapeutic, di ba?nailalabas mo ang nasa dibdib mo.
read about your latest entry…read mo na lang ang saloobin ko don.

>Manoy Doro wrote:
eng, kaibigan, alam mo ba na kung pagdudugtungin ang mga messages natin ay magiging isang materyal para sa isang interesting na blog? wala pa sigurong gumawa ng ganito. o, ano, ipo-post mo? hihintayin ko! sigurado, maglalagay ako ng magandang comment!

>eng wrote: 04/18/2008 3:14 am
manoy doro,
it is an interesting idea.i’ll go for it…opps,the thing is i, half of it has already been deleted (dami na kasing laman ng inbox ko)..
why don’t you do it…hope you still have all the messages,i knew for a fact that it’s gonna come out “one fascinating subject”….
i will be eagerly waiting with confidence in the fullfilment of such theme….
sige na ,pleeeaaassseee!!!!

>Manoy Doro wrote:
they’re still intact. i was about to delete some of them when this idea came to my mind. i will post it! just reply this message first.

>eng wrote: 04/18/2008 7:28 pm
i’m looking forward to reading it!!!what a nice tribute to hopefully a long “messaging” between us.
p.s. can i copy it and post it in my blog as well….
so more people will be at least inspired by it…Plleeaassee!!!!!!

>Manoy Doro wrote:
of course you can! i can’t make this on my own. this is a collaboration between the two of us, hence, this thing is not only mine but yours, too.


many things are yet to happen… who knows what will they be?


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4 Responses to “IT HAPPENED IN JUST 27 DAYS!”

  1. 1 eng
    April 18, 2008 at 10:33 am

    WOW!!!was it only 27 days???feels like i’ve known you all my life…..

    our’s is not just a meeting of two persons.it is a communion of thoughts and feelings;a partaking of ideas and inspiraton;a sharing of passion for the same thing in life….

    here’s a toast to a remarkable story of friendship….TO US…..

  2. April 18, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    …a toast…TO US!!!

  3. April 27, 2008 at 10:04 am

    bravo!!!thou not knowing of u two,im really amazed and touch the friendship that u had shared in thoughts and an inspiration by ur passionate interest for the goodness of our nations and humanity.ur exchange of views intrigue me to read more of ur blogs if given a chance to access on that…tnx for this opportunity and indid an honor..god bless u both!!!keep it up

  4. April 27, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    thank you very much!
    more power!
    God bless!

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